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In Gifu, house sharing has not yet been a way of living for many people comparing to people in urban areas. Suppose many of you work every day and live on the same routine, going to work and coming home. Don’t you feel something is missing from your life? You find yourself spending less time on social interaction. Don’t you think you want to spice up your everyday life meeting people from various backgrounds (different jobs and views)? Don’t you want your life to be more enjoyable going out and traveling with your housemates when you take days off? SHG are pleased to announce that we will open our first and brand new shared house in Gifu. Why don’t you start “a new way of life” with “new mates” in our great-value shared house in excellent location close to the station? We are sure that you can enjoy another value that is reflected in your living environment.


share house Gifu


TEL 058-265-8036
Cell 090-4252-5511