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Step1. Availability Check/Inquiry/Viewing Request

You can check room availability onHouse List.
To make an inquiry or request for a viewing, go to“Inquiry/Viewing Request”.
Or you can call us on the numbers below.
For inquiry (Landline): 052-680-9180
For inquiry (Mobile): 080-1410-4699

* Please note that you are allowed to view only one shared house. You can choose a house to meet your requirements (accessibility to work, room type, etc.) You may ask us if you cannot decide which house to choose.

Step 2. House Viewing

We confirm the viewing date and time with you once we arrange a viewing for you. On the viewing day, a member of our staff meets you at the nearest station to the house and accompanies you on the viewing of the house.

Step 3. Application

Once you decide to rent a room, you will fill in the application form.
*We need emergency contact details for your family, but no guarantor is required.

Step 4. Screening Check

We need a document to verify your identity containing your photo. Please send us by mail or fax.
*Please note that the contents of the screening check are confidential.
[Identity documents used for check]
Photo identity documents such as Driving License, Passport, Employee ID Card, Student ID Card, and Health Insurance Card

Step 5. Payment

After you pass the screening check, we will ask you to determine the date of moving in. You must move in the house within 15 days from the date of the screening check result. We calculate how much you need to pay up front based on the confirmed date of moving in and inform you of the amount. (If you move in the house after the first of the month, prorated rate is calculated.)
You must make the payment to our bank account only through a bank transfer or at the bank counter. You must also bear the transaction/handling fee.
*Please be advised that your rent cannot be returned after your payment is made even if you cancel your tenancy.

Step 6. Signing Agreement and Move in

On the day of moving in, a member of our staff meets you in front of the house. You are asked to sign a tenancy agreement and you are given the keys.
[What you need to take with you for moving in]
・Seal (Inkan)
・One copy of your identity document
・Futon (bedding set)

* Every room comes with a bed, but you are not allowed to sleep on a mattress of the bed. You must put a mattress pad on the bed and then put a sheet or otherwise use a Shiki-Futon (with a cover) on the bed. Besides, you must also prepare basic bedding set. (e.g. blanket, duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case, etc.)

Step 7. Monthly Payment

You pay your rent at the end of every month. Please note that we accept payment only through a bank transfer or at the bank counter.
* You have to bear the transaction/handling fee.
* If you have unpaid rent arrears and thus we need to take an action, we will reach your emergency contact person and explain the circumstance. In some cases, we have to send him/her the invoice for your unpaid arrears.

Step 1. Termination of Tenancy

You must give us one month’s notice to end your tenancy. You can call us or use the inquiry form to notify us about your move. If you need to move out urgently, one month’s rent will incur from the date of your notification.

Step. 2 Move out

A member of our staff needs to be in presence when you move out. You must take all of your belongings and clean your room. No charge will incur at the time of moving out if your room is left in good condition. We will charge you for any damage including dirt, etc. or your personal belongings remain in the property. After conducting our final inspection, you return your keys. We will refund any remaining balance of the security deposit after writing off any of the following amounts.
・Single room 20,000 Yen
・One room apartment 30,000 Yen


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